Weekend in Holland, PA

A great thing about moving around is that sometimes we wind up living near-ish to some friends. Katie's family lives outside of Philly, and when we heard that Katie and her husband, Kevin, would go to PA for the 4th...we were all in. The weekend was full of good conversation, laughter, healing tears, so many … Continue reading Weekend in Holland, PA

7 Years Later – October 2007 and October 2014

7 years ago, my mom and I visited Josh and his family during a college visit trip in October 2007. This year, October 2014, my mom flew out to State College and we drove up to NY with Josh to celebrate our unborn child with a baby shower! I can hardly believe that was 7 … Continue reading 7 Years Later – October 2007 and October 2014

Playing Catch Up

I think that I’ve spent a whopping total of 10 days in Grand Forks since May 27. And since I don’t blog while I’m traveling, that’s made for a pretty sparse summer as far as our family updates go. However, sparse is probably the last word I’d use to describe how our summer has actually … Continue reading Playing Catch Up


About a month ago, 9 lady friends from all over the U S of A met up in Las Vegas to celebrate one Kathryn Krouchick's bachelorettehood. As I mentioned in a previous post, Vegas was selected as our destination because Celine Dion performs at Caesar's Palace on the regular. Unfortunately that was her weekend off, … Continue reading GFK –> LAS

A Quick Glance Back

Hello my lovelies. As you probably can tell, worked picked up the pace in August and I haven't had as much free time to write! As some of you may know, we hired a new K-5th coordinator for religious education and I have switched into middle school and high school ministry. It's really been amazing … Continue reading A Quick Glance Back

Crazy week. Let’s wrap it up with some 7 Quick Takes

As usual, my blogging habits have been sporadic and lacking. Oh well. Actually, I'm a little sad that my ship of Awkward and Awesome sailed away yesterday without me on board, but alas, I will incorporate some of my shiningly embarrassing moments into the 7Quakes. 1. YOMO WAS GLORIOUS. For all the curious out there.. YOMO is You Only … Continue reading Crazy week. Let’s wrap it up with some 7 Quick Takes