A Smorgasbord of Things

It's been quite a few weeks in the Dill household! And I have smorgasbord of blessings and photos to share with you. 1. Poppy finished his radiation treatment one week ago, and overall he had minimal side effects throughout the process after that rough first day. Thank you for your prayers! In a couple of … Continue reading A Smorgasbord of Things

Randoms From the Camera

So when I uploaded the pictures of the sun dogs, I realized there were a few things that I had not shared yet. Josh and Jackie Gow's wedding! The weather was particularly bad that day, and so we were unable to drive down for Mass in the afternoon. Later that evening we still made the … Continue reading Randoms From the Camera

Sun Dogs and Some Real Life Sunshine

I usually complain about North Dakota, and trust me there is AMPLE material to complain about today (-14 with windchill, more snow, wind blowing about 24 mph, white out conditions for Josh driving to work...), but today I'll share something less whiney. I suppose. Maybe not... considering that I've already shared the picture above. (only … Continue reading Sun Dogs and Some Real Life Sunshine

Marriage & Advent

I am in the process of two-fold waiting: waiting for Josh to come home, and waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus. As much as waiting is always a struggle for an impatient person like myself, this is been a blessed and fruitful time. The juxtaposition of waiting for Josh to come home and … Continue reading Marriage & Advent

Last Winter. In ND. I’m ok with that.

Over the course of the last weeks, I look out my window each morning and toss up a little "Thank you, praise the Lord. No snow on the ground."Then last night I was woken up by a snow plow.at 2:15.in the a.m.Although it wasn't a ton of snow, I know we likely won't be seeing … Continue reading Last Winter. In ND. I’m ok with that.

A Quick Glance Back

Hello my lovelies. As you probably can tell, worked picked up the pace in August and I haven't had as much free time to write! As some of you may know, we hired a new K-5th coordinator for religious education and I have switched into middle school and high school ministry. It's really been amazing … Continue reading A Quick Glance Back