Weekend in Holland, PA

A great thing about moving around is that sometimes we wind up living near-ish to some friends. Katie‘s family lives outside of Philly, and when we heard that Katie and her husband, Kevin, would go to PA for the 4th…we were all in. The weekend was full of good conversation, laughter, healing tears, so many hugs and relaxation. We made loose plans and let the days roll along as we soaked up our time together. I can’t decide what my favorite part was! I very much enjoyed walking around Peddler’s Village, the “most influential” conversations and watching Bolt together. Seeing John-Paul continue his love for playing in the pool was so great, too. We drove home feeling immensely grateful for our friendship with Katie and Kevin – a friendship that can weather the darkest of storms and also fill a weekend with jokes and conversations of faith. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Krouchick for hosting us! JP loves you all! #BoycottJakes #BrickHotelBrunch #imstillfull

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