Boston – yes, again.

Seems that circumstance has drawn me east a number of times within the last year (and will again for the next 2 months). This has been both a huge a blessing and a source of frustration. I love going back to see friends and Josh’s side of the family, and we always have such a wonderful time. Often, going back to Boston is a breath of fresh air, rejuvenating, encouraging. And for that, I’m so thankful that we’ve had so many opportunities to go back.

It’s difficult because these trips have used up much of our resources (time off of work and money) and I’ve been unable to go home to Oregon in over a year. It’s really tough to be so far from family. Thankfully, my mom has flown out to see us several times and Poppy even surprised me once! But there are close friends and family that I haven’t seen since we got married, and that makes my heart heavy. Going into marriage, I knew this would be a cross to carry. Mother Olga describes it as our own Flight into Egypt…and that is consoling because I know that the Holy Family is in this with us. I can look to our Mother and know that she longed to be with her people, in Nazareth, at home just as I long for the landscape of my home state, for the comfortable love of those dear to me. Often I feel so misunderstood here – it’s really a different culture. And though I have found a few kindred spirits (thank the Lord), my spirit often takes stealing glances toward the west, wondering when I can return.

Why do I share this? Because I want people at home to know that I long to be with them. That I miss them. That being away hurts me more than I usually care to acknowledge.

Man, there’s alot bumping around in my heart in regards to all of this. I’ll leave off with this – I can’t wait to come home again. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and for when Josh and I come out after his deployment. I’m so happy and excited to think of those times that I’m getting a little misty even typing this. But! for now. I will enjoy where I am and who I am with. And right now those circumstances take me east. So here are some photos of the joys that I experienced with beloveds in Boston.

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