John-Paul: A Birth Story

Name: John-Paul Steward Dill Date of Birth: November 5, 2014 Time of birth: 2:06am Weight: 7 pounds 7 ounces Length: 21 1/4 inches See Guessing Game winners at the bottom of the post! Ah! The day finally came! The day that cannot be circumvented in any way...but that a pregnant woman must go through: Birth … Continue reading John-Paul: A Birth Story

Yes, I did say cloth diapers.

Despite the 4,203,482,874 blog posts out there on cloth diapers, I'm going to toss another one you're way. And probably a few more over the next few years. Choosing to cloth diaper actually started long before I was even near the realm of motherhood. During my freshman year of college, I attended a Franciscan school … Continue reading Yes, I did say cloth diapers.

Guesses for our Little Pumpkin aka The Baby Dill Guessing Game!

The day is drawing near when we will finally meet our baby face to face - I can hardly believe it! At times pregnancy seems to fly by and at other times I feel that I've been pregnant forever. Times it feels that pregnancy has flown by: When I realize I still have not purchased/assembled … Continue reading Guesses for our Little Pumpkin aka The Baby Dill Guessing Game!

The Big Move

It's unreal to me that some of my peers are buying homes. Or perhaps they choose to rent, but they are essentially settled in a city/town for the foreseeable future unless a major career move were to arise. Or they get called away on some unexpected adventure. This isn't a comparison game that I'm playing; … Continue reading The Big Move

Playing Catch Up

I think that I’ve spent a whopping total of 10 days in Grand Forks since May 27. And since I don’t blog while I’m traveling, that’s made for a pretty sparse summer as far as our family updates go. However, sparse is probably the last word I’d use to describe how our summer has actually … Continue reading Playing Catch Up