Giving Thanks + Oregon + 5 Months Down

Since I went to school on the east coast, I always stayed out in NY and had Thanksgiving with Josh's family. Of course, I loved being able to stay with Josh and get to know his family, but staying was always a little bitter sweet because I missed my family 3,000 miles away. Last year, … Continue reading Giving Thanks + Oregon + 5 Months Down

4 Months Down

September was hard, but thankfully October went by with surprising quickness. I'm sure my trip to Orlando helped, as did Josh's two weekend morale trips to nearby by cities. Josh also ran a half marathon, which is exciting!So what does the 4 month mark bring? One thing that I finally feel I have a handle … Continue reading 4 Months Down

Happy Golden Birthday, Josh!

Today my darling dearest turns 25 on October 25th - so it's his Golden Birthday! In theme loving fashion, I asked our family and friends to play along with the theme for the care packages and cards they would send him. Let me tell you...people brought their A-game. I'm sure Josh will take some pictures … Continue reading Happy Golden Birthday, Josh!

3 Months Down

3 months down.Deployment is certainly a big adventure. One that is unpredictable, difficult to navigate...but I'm certainly glad to be in this with Josh. We're good for each other. That's not to say that the last 3 months have gone perfectly well. We have had our share of crosses and stress, but still we are … Continue reading 3 Months Down

A Quick Glance Back

Hello my lovelies. As you probably can tell, worked picked up the pace in August and I haven't had as much free time to write! As some of you may know, we hired a new K-5th coordinator for religious education and I have switched into middle school and high school ministry. It's really been amazing … Continue reading A Quick Glance Back