Crazy week. Let’s wrap it up with some 7 Quick Takes

As usual, my blogging habits have been sporadic and lacking. Oh well.

Actually, I’m a little sad that my ship of Awkward and Awesome sailed away yesterday without me on board, but alas, I will incorporate some of my shiningly embarrassing moments into the 7Quakes.

1. YOMO WAS GLORIOUS. For all the curious out there.. YOMO is You Only Minnesota Once. It was a reunion for me and my BFFLAEs + Josh  (best friends for life and eternity)  in the Twin Cities. Yes, we did go to the Mall of America. And Stillwater (where we walked across the bridge and stood in Wisconsin for all of 3 minutes). Saint Paul’s Cathedral is gorgeous. And we braved the Minnesota State Fair. Yes, everything at the fair was friend and on a stick.  And there is one other thing I learned…. there is life before trying cheese curds, and there is life after trying cheese curds.

While the entire trip gave my a breath of fresh air and joy, my most favorite moment was having lunch at Shish, a Turkish restaurant, and sharing a pot of tea (last pictures in the gallery are from this lovely lunch). My gyros and humus were to die for. Oh and other great moment.. when we broke it down singing Bieber’s “Baby” at the State Fair. Biebed ya’ll.

2. This week was the first week of Religious Education at Saint Michael’s. Needless to say it’s been an insane week and I have a tiny little glimpse of why the DRE position has such a high turnover rate. But it went really well! Praise be to God! And thanks for all of your prayers…they certainly kept me afloat in a pool of graces. The kids are great, the parents seem receptive and the catechists are awesome! Keep the prayers coming!

3. Flash back to Minnesota. The Cities have an Ikea (and tons of other stores that North Dakota can’t even dream of having) so we picked up some items while we were there, including these awesome lamps. I got home and couldn’t wait to set them up! Obviously they do not come with the light bulbs. So I checked the manual to see what kind of bulbs they take. Type B or G. Cool. I go to Wal*Mart and look for some bulbs. There’s a whole aisle. And lots of different kinds of B and G bulbs. Let’s just say it took me three trips and 2 arguments with Josh to get the right stinking bulbs.

4. Again, let’s go to Wal*Mart. During my last bulbular excursion, I FINALLY and confidently purchased the correct bulbs and I strolled out into the parking lot to head home. And I could not find my car. I knew that I parked close to the front, and I knew which angle the lines were going…so it HAD to be one of these two rows…. I began prowling the parking lot, clicking my unlock/lock button furiously trying to hear the subtle beeps and clicks of my Subaru on the premises. (I think some people watching me were really concerned…and afraid) and I became convinced that someone stole my car. Yes, someone definitely stole my car. What other logical explanation could be possible? I went up to the Wal*Mart guy collecting carts and told him that “I think my car was stolen.” He started to help me look around for my “missing gray Subaru.” I decided to check the last row way on the left, even though I KNEW it wasn’t over there…. and loandbehold it was sitting there mocking me. I apparently had even pressed the autostart button, so she was already warmed up and ready to go.  So I yelled to the guy “Foundmycarthanksforyourhelpit’snotstolenhaveagreatday!” and got out of there as fast as my “stolen car” could carry me.

5. I need to get back to work. So I can finish my duties and then enjoy eating ice cream and watching Boy Meets World.

6.  I had my first sewing lesson last week with Gayle at Heavenly Stitches. She rocks. And I’m meeting with her again tomorrow, and I think I will start sewing a pillowcase. Do any of you needle-wielding ladies (or gentlemen) have fun, simple sewing projects for a beginner like myself?

7. Have you entered the Blowfish Shoes giveaway over at Camp Patton? Get on it. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

8 thoughts on “Crazy week. Let’s wrap it up with some 7 Quick Takes

  1. Hahahaha. “I THINK SOMEONE STOLE MY CAR!” I recall the moment in the breakfast place on the last morning of YOMO when your wonderful husband gazed into your eyes lovingly and said, “I married a child.”

  2. I had a thoughtful comment all prepared and then you had to go and mention ICE CREAM.

    What the interior baby wants ….. he/she gets.


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