John-Paul: A Birth Story

Name: John-Paul Steward Dill Date of Birth: November 5, 2014 Time of birth: 2:06am Weight: 7 pounds 7 ounces Length: 21 1/4 inches See Guessing Game winners at the bottom of the post! Ah! The day finally came! The day that cannot be circumvented in any way...but that a pregnant woman must go through: Birth … Continue reading John-Paul: A Birth Story

7 Years Later – October 2007 and October 2014

7 years ago, my mom and I visited Josh and his family during a college visit trip in October 2007. This year, October 2014, my mom flew out to State College and we drove up to NY with Josh to celebrate our unborn child with a baby shower! I can hardly believe that was 7 … Continue reading 7 Years Later – October 2007 and October 2014

July 16 – Three Blessed Years

You know how sometimes you look back and think "man, it cannot have been ___ years! They went so fast!" I think I often feel that way. This year I don't feel that way though. Three years seems accurate, just the right amount of time. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's a fruit of trying … Continue reading July 16 – Three Blessed Years

Randoms From the Camera

So when I uploaded the pictures of the sun dogs, I realized there were a few things that I had not shared yet. Josh and Jackie Gow's wedding! The weather was particularly bad that day, and so we were unable to drive down for Mass in the afternoon. Later that evening we still made the … Continue reading Randoms From the Camera


The day after Josh returned we left for Lake Bemidji, which is about 2 hours away in Minnesota. My lovely co-worker, Jackie, and her husband own a cabin there and graciously let us go there for some R&R. I'm thankful we did. Although I was nervous that we would over extend ourselves by packing up … Continue reading Hibernation

Marriage & Advent

I am in the process of two-fold waiting: waiting for Josh to come home, and waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus. As much as waiting is always a struggle for an impatient person like myself, this is been a blessed and fruitful time. The juxtaposition of waiting for Josh to come home and … Continue reading Marriage & Advent

Duluth, Minnesota

Last week sometime Josh asked if I would like to go to Duluth, a small city along the edge of Lake Superior, for the long weekend. Pleasantly surprised, I replied in the affirmative (YESSSS!). And so it was decided. While there are many difficult parts about being in the military, one awesome thing is that … Continue reading Duluth, Minnesota