Adventures of a Seven Month Old

John-Paul should... Get a Delta credit card and cash in on some frequent flyer miles. He made his third flight to the Twin Cities to witness the marriage of John and Christine Goerke. Christine is a dear friend from Grand Forks. She has one of the kindest, purest, gentlest souls in all the land and … Continue reading Adventures of a Seven Month Old

The Gearns’ Wedding, NYC and Traveling to Rome

The timing of our pilgrimage was really providential. The Friday before we took off, our dear friends Katie and Kevin got married – Mr. and Mrs. Gearns! We spent a few days in Pennsylvania with them, celebrating the joyous occasion of their nuptials. Katie looked like a princess and Kevin was glowing – yes, the … Continue reading The Gearns’ Wedding, NYC and Traveling to Rome


About a month ago, 9 lady friends from all over the U S of A met up in Las Vegas to celebrate one Kathryn Krouchick's bachelorettehood. As I mentioned in a previous post, Vegas was selected as our destination because Celine Dion performs at Caesar's Palace on the regular. Unfortunately that was her weekend off, … Continue reading GFK –> LAS

West Virginia is for Lovers

I ventured to a new land for to witness the nuptials of Kait and Casey Patterson - West Virginia. Casey was raised in Buckhannon, and I had the pleasure of seeing his home town and meeting his incredible family. I also got to spend the days leading up to the wedding hanging out with Kait … Continue reading West Virginia is for Lovers

Embracing Dill.

I've never liked pickles, really. And the dill spice just doesn't do it for me. However, last year on our anniversary Josh and I ventured over to the Toasted Frog where he ordered an appetizer of their famous fried cheesy pickles. While I did resist their delicious goodness...I have to admit...the fried + cheese combination … Continue reading Embracing Dill.

Surprise Party

A few weeks before Josh left, Patrick Brooke (aka Papa Bravo), Christine Thelen (Charlie Tango) and I (Alpha Delta) (yes, I realize my phonetic alphabet code name sounds like a sorority) started scheming....and we decided to plan a surprise party for Josh (Juliet Delta). It all came together rather quickly through a series of top … Continue reading Surprise Party

The Journey East to Wedding Bonanza 2013

I'm going to post these photos and short stories in stages. That'll make it more manageable for all of us! Before we departed for our eastward journey, I put a reminder on our rear view mirror: This is a pilgrimage, not a vacation. There will be no complaining about anything. It's a little saying that Father … Continue reading The Journey East to Wedding Bonanza 2013