7 Years Later – October 2007 and October 2014

7 years ago, my mom and I visited Josh and his family during a college visit trip in October 2007. This year, October 2014, my mom flew out to State College and we drove up to NY with Josh to celebrate our unborn child with a baby shower! I can hardly believe that was 7 … Continue reading 7 Years Later – October 2007 and October 2014


The day after Josh returned we left for Lake Bemidji, which is about 2 hours away in Minnesota. My lovely co-worker, Jackie, and her husband own a cabin there and graciously let us go there for some R&R. I'm thankful we did. Although I was nervous that we would over extend ourselves by packing up … Continue reading Hibernation


As many of you know, originally I thought Josh would be coming home in January. Josh told me he didn't have a homecoming date until about November he finally told me January 2 - which is about what I expected. But the more we talked and made plans, some details weren't adding up and I … Continue reading Homecoming

Happy Golden Birthday, Josh!

Today my darling dearest turns 25 on October 25th - so it's his Golden Birthday! In theme loving fashion, I asked our family and friends to play along with the theme for the care packages and cards they would send him. Let me tell you...people brought their A-game. I'm sure Josh will take some pictures … Continue reading Happy Golden Birthday, Josh!

The Hidden Photos of Josh and Ashlie

Yes. You read that right. Hidden photos. aka photos that were taken on disposable cameras at 1. our engagement party and 2. our honeymoon that I had developed on Sunday at the one place in town that still processes film (it's a CVS, by the by, which I didn't even know we had here). I … Continue reading The Hidden Photos of Josh and Ashlie