1. Christine and Amanda make videos with me and Christine is fantastic about editing and uploading them to dropbox for me/us.

2. My friends do stuff like this:

From America Day 2011 after the Sam Adam's brewery tour.
From America Day 2011 after the Sam Adam’s brewery tour.

and this:

Happy Birthday JoshBoth courtesy of the marvelous Mrs. Melendez.

And I got this email from John Gancarz:

Hey Ashlie,

 How are you doing? How was your trip to Florida?!
I bought a card for Josh in the seminary bookstore for his birthday. The card had on the front of it a picture of an icon of St. George slaying a dragon (the border is gold, which I made sure to point out to Josh, of course). While I was writing the card though, I found out, to my pleasant surprise, that St. George is the patron saint of [something to do with Josh’s deployment that is wonderfully fitting]. Also, I learned, much of what we know of the legend of Saint George comes from a 13th century book called The “Golden”Legend. Perfect. God is great.
I got to spend josh’s birthday hanging out with my friend Kristen and her sweet baby girl, Elianna (Miles, her husband, was flying back from CO so I didn’t get to see him!). I got numerous calls, texts and emails wishing Josh a happy birthday. It totally made my day.
Also, josh realized that only 1 golden item that was sent to him was a repeat item. The rest were never doubled up. Long story short, God is good, our family rocks and our friends are amazing.

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