A Quick Glance Back

Hello my lovelies. As you probably can tell, worked picked up the pace in August and I haven’t had as much free time to write! As some of you may know, we hired a new K-5th coordinator for religious education and I have switched into middle school and high school ministry. It’s really been amazing so far- tough, but amazing. I absolutely adore the K-5th coordinator, Jackie. She is such a vibrant, funny, dedicated and faithful woman. We’ve figured out that she is almost exactly double my age (+1 day).  She is wise and working with her has been refreshing to my soul. But Jackie isn’t the only woman in my life that has blessed my soul! My two dear friend, Christine and Amanda, have carried me through this summer of deployment. They’re so joyful and funny and faithful, too. And since I have talked about them so much over the last year, I figure it’s beyond time that I introduce them to you – photo style. We realized we didn’t really have any photos together, so we finally took some at the end of July.

Christine y Amanda at The "Kegs" and yes. that is how the name of the restaurant is written on its sign.
Christine y Amanda. The “Kegs” is a local drive-up joint. It’s very 1950s.
Las tres amigas.
Las tres amigas.

Amanda teaches 1st grade at a public school in Grand Forks, and she is amazing. She has the best stories about her students and I love the twinkle in her eyes when she talks about the kids. She also teaches our 3rd grade RE class at Saint Michael’s. So yeah. She’s awesome.  Amanda recently bought a house and is fixing it up – it’s historic and adorable. Many good times to be had in that darling home! Eh hem, Golden Girls, tasty treats, home projects and more.

Christine is also a teacher! She teaches  K-12 music at a school in ND. She is a rock.star. She teaches all the grades, and leads choir and band. Amanda and I went to her Christmas concert…and it was so great. She is very creative and comes up with these awesome ideas for the sets for each concert. This summer she also helped out with music at Vacation Bible School…and it was so good to see her in her element, doing what she loves: praying through music and working with the kids.

Christine and I both like to cook…and so…we may or may not have recently started filming ourselves. ok we did. and it’s called the Catholic Kitchen and we love it and we think we’re so funny. maybe just maybe, someday I’ll figure out how to share the video on here. Maybe.

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