7 Years Later – October 2007 and October 2014

7 years ago, my mom and I visited Josh and his family during a college visit trip in October 2007.

This year, October 2014, my mom flew out to State College and we drove up to NY with Josh to celebrate our unborn child with a baby shower!

I can hardly believe that was 7 years ago – so much has changed! At the time, we were still dating long distance and very much uncertain what the future held for us. I was excited to have found a school that I loved out east and near Josh’s family, but nervous at the prospect of being so far from home. My hopes and dreams for my relationship with Josh were nothing but some serious prayers at the time…and it’s amazing how God answers our prayers 10-fold and in unexpected ways. I never expected the course of our relationship to go as it went…(breaking up my first year out east, moving to Boston to get serious about discerning our relationship, attending 3 different colleges, getting married while still in school…). There were some hard times, but God has been so faithful as he revealed His will in our life and so merciful and patient as we fumbled our way through.

We feel abundantly blessed to have so much love in our life. Having Mama Heidi out to visit is always a treat. Then on top of that, we were able to go to Josh’s family home and spend special time celebrating our child with closest family and friends. Two of our dearest friends of all time, Katie Gearns and Sarah Melendez, helped my Mother in Law, Liesl, plan the party. We’re just so touched that these three women took the time and love to plan this amazing day for us! Although not very many people could be there, we felt so overwhelmed by the generosity that people expressed through their cards and gifts. After this weekend, our home is pretty much ready to have the baby move in – which really could be any day now! Thank you for loving us through your prayers and gifts. We are so grateful and you have no idea what a help you’ve been spiritually and practically!

October 2007
October 2007
7 years later. 10x the joy.
October 2014, 7 years later. 10x the joy.

4 thoughts on “7 Years Later – October 2007 and October 2014

  1. Girl, your bangs look SO. GOOD. You rock the mama-to-be look like you were born for this! Wish I could have been there but sending so much love and prayers!!! xxxx

  2. I cannot even express the joy that this post brings me. BEAUTIFUL pictures and an even more BEAUTIFUL story. Thank you for sharing this, my day is made! God bless you, Josh, littlebabyAshlieJosh/MichaelScott, and all the wonderful people that have journeyed with you along the way. I’m so grateful to be a part of your lives. ❤

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