From January 10 – January 19, Josh and I had the pleasure of venturing back to our homeland in the pacific northwest. It was refreshing to both body and spirit – escaping -40 degree temperatures and warming the soul with loved ones. One challenge, though, is that it’s always tough to figure out how to split and invest time. We have so many people we love in Oregon! Although sometimes I get worked up about spending too little/too much time doing a certain thing, with some reflection, I think we struck a good balance…though I never feel that I’ve had enough time with my family. I’m always greedy for more! My heart longs to be back in the northwest. I know it is different. Time passes, people grow and going home will never be quite the same as it was when I was in high school. But I love it there. Maybe I romanticize it – I probably do. But when it’s all said and done (aka we’re done with the military) I still hope that we find our way back to OR/WA. Who knows? Maybe we’ll fall in love with another place in the US, but for now I still feel that I have a heart made for the pacific northwest.

Now onto the happenings of our visit: We were able to celebrate with my nana for her birthday, a do a little pre-celebration for mom’s big 4-0 birthday as well (today, January 23rd is her actual bday. Haps to the b, ma!). We had the chance to see friends in Silverton and in Portland, and visit family up and down I5. I got to binge watch Haven with my mom (don’t judge. it is a weird ass show, but it is addicting). I cuddled with mom’s new dog and I don’t even like dogs! But I think my heart melted a little. I got to see most of my cousins, which is always a treat. We drank all our favorite wines and brews. I learned a new crochet stitch from Grandma Mary Lou Hammer. We ate lots, and LOTS of good food. We enjoyed the foggy, damp air, gladly giving up the snow and ice. we golfed and shuffleboarded til our wee little hearts’ content.

We feel undeservedly blessed to have such amazing family and friends, and to be able to travel and see our loves ones. Thank you for always welcoming us home to my favorite corner of the U.S.!

some vids from the Bean Boozled Challenge:

3 thoughts on “pnw

  1. Hey Muscles- Glad you and Josh got to go home the PNW! I am sure it was a wonderful time of relaxation and renewal. On a side note, I’ve been home sick for a few days and while awake I’ve caught a lot of Public Television cooking shows. Yesterday I saw a gem, “The Jazzy Vegetarian” from Portland. Have you ever seen it? It had me crackin’ up and I thought of you right away. The host is a jazz singer who does all these weird and wacky little skats and bee-bops about vegetarian food, like on yesterday episode she was singing about vegan sausage. It is so funny. Again while watching it I thought, Muscles would get a kick out of this.
    Hope you are great-Shels

    1. Shelllllllls, YES. I’ve never heard of this Jazzy Veg before but as you guessed I am LOVING it. She has cookbooks, too…but I don’t know if the books will be able to capture her essence quite like the show does…

      I hope you’re feeling better! And I hope that little sister of mine is staying out of trouble at Holy Names πŸ˜‰ Miss you and wishing you all the best!

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