Playing Catch Up

I think that I’ve spent a whopping total of 10 days in Grand Forks since May 27. And since I don’t blog while I’m traveling, that’s made for a pretty sparse summer as far as our family updates go. However, sparse is probably the last word I’d use to describe how our summer has actually … Continue reading Playing Catch Up

expect the unexpected: a blessed adventure

Let's just say, I never thought that the University of North Dakota would be the name on my degree. Nor did I think that I would attend three different schools in three different states in 4 1/2 years. I always imagined that I would graduate on a warm afternoon in May, surrounded by the closest … Continue reading expect the unexpected: a blessed adventure

Long Overdue: Thanksgiving Photo Update

Not having internet at home is fantastic. Liberating, really. But it does tend to cramp my blogging style. So I apologize for delayed updates. But know that the decreased time behind a screen at home has done a wonderful good for my soul and our marriage! And for that, dear friends, I know you don't … Continue reading Long Overdue: Thanksgiving Photo Update