A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes….

Alright. So. Although deployment has been a whirlwind of emotions and various struggles, the Lord has blessed me with some awesome opportunities. **DISCLAIMER - - - Friends from Oregon, please do not shun me for what I am about to tell you!** My family was in Sunriver for a little family vay-cay, and guess who … Continue reading A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes….

Embracing Dill.

I've never liked pickles, really. And the dill spice just doesn't do it for me. However, last year on our anniversary Josh and I ventured over to the Toasted Frog where he ordered an appetizer of their famous fried cheesy pickles. While I did resist their delicious goodness...I have to admit...the fried + cheese combination … Continue reading Embracing Dill.

Surprise Party

A few weeks before Josh left, Patrick Brooke (aka Papa Bravo), Christine Thelen (Charlie Tango) and I (Alpha Delta) (yes, I realize my phonetic alphabet code name sounds like a sorority) started scheming....and we decided to plan a surprise party for Josh (Juliet Delta). It all came together rather quickly through a series of top … Continue reading Surprise Party

He is Risen! Alleluia!

Ashlie, we're into the 2nd week of Easter already. Get with the Liturgical Times. In between addressing wedding envelopes for a dear friend and bake sales for third graders and making tator tots for my lonely self while Josh is out of town (I make myself sound a lot more miserable than I am. Don't … Continue reading He is Risen! Alleluia!

Happy 154th Birthday, Oregon!

Yesterday was Oregon's 154th birthday, and we had a marionberry good time! While state pride certainly plays into celebrating Oregon's inception, it's also because of the people I love who still live there. And since Oregon's birthday shares the day with Valentine's day, it seemed appropriate to remember those I love who are far away … Continue reading Happy 154th Birthday, Oregon!

Long Overdue: Thanksgiving Photo Update

Not having internet at home is fantastic. Liberating, really. But it does tend to cramp my blogging style. So I apologize for delayed updates. But know that the decreased time behind a screen at home has done a wonderful good for my soul and our marriage! And for that, dear friends, I know you don't … Continue reading Long Overdue: Thanksgiving Photo Update