The Journey East to Wedding Bonanza 2013

I’m going to post these photos and short stories in stages. That’ll make it more manageable for all of us!

Before we departed for our eastward journey, I put a reminder on our rear view mirror: This is a pilgrimage, not a vacation. There will be no complaining about anything. It’s a little saying that Father Matt from Boston likes to use when taking youth on trips/pilgrimages. But I thought it may be appropriate for our adventure as well.

However, even though I wrote down that ” this is a pilgrimage” in my heart I still felt it to be a vacation. I desired it to be a vacation. I had just spent a year in a job that wore me out emotionally, and I really thought that this trip was going to be relaxing and leisurely time spent with my husband before he deploys.

But it soon became evident that it really was a pilgrimage and that I did not want it to be a pilgrimage. I learned about my expectations and dealing with disappointment – mostly because I didn’t handle it very well. I had just began to process that Josh really would be leaving for half of a year (small in the grand scheme of things, but still painful) and I felt that every moment we spent apart because of wedding activities was robbery. Expensive, unnecessary, time-sucking robbery. I understand that assessment may not be entirely fair or gentle, but it’s how I was feeling in the moment.

And though tears were shed, feelings (mis)communicated, and arguments waged…we did experience many, many blessings alone and together. We got to see new parts of the country, reconnect with old friends, spend time with family and much more. This first gallery of photos is from the drive we made from Grand Forks to Alexandria Bay, New York. It took us about 4 days. We drove from GF to Baraboo, Wisconsin – Baraboo to Detroit – Detroit to Rochester – and Rochester to ABay. Although the drive was long, it was broken up nicely and good times were had!

3 thoughts on “The Journey East to Wedding Bonanza 2013

  1. Great to see you both on your travels! Thinking of you, sending you both prayers of support and strength. Shelly

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