The Melendez Wedding

I actually didn’t take many photos during the Melendez festivities, mostly because I was trying to be present in the moment…and when I’m behind a camera, sometimes I feel like I’m just looking for a photo op instead of enjoying where I am! But I did manage to snap a few, and gather some from my dear, Katie Krouchick.

Despite the hot (95) and humid (2 billion %) weather, it was a lovely day filled with wonderful company and, um, SACRAMENTS. It was an honor and a joy to witness my two beloved friends, Javi and Sarah, begin their life-long pilgrimage as husband and wife! We also got to shower Ted and Emily with love at their bridal shower. I got to hang out with Mr. Gearns (Katie’s future spouse). Many laughs were had (#peopleintrees). I spent a day at the convent hanging out with Jesus and having some quiet time. Just all around a great trip, thanks be to God.

2 thoughts on “The Melendez Wedding

  1. The wife of an engineer and HVAC lover points out the 2 billion % humidity. We balance each other so well.

    And I can’t stop staring glancing at the sultry look. This is how I imagine Pride & Prejudice.

    1. Monica’s sultry look? Yes, she was really working it that day! As evidenced by her mini photo shoot.

      2 billion % was just a rough estimate, but I’d say I was pretty accurate. How much energy/BTUs/power/whatever would it take to cool down 2 billion % humidity?

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