Surprise Party

A few weeks before Josh left, Patrick Brooke (aka Papa Bravo), Christine Thelen (Charlie Tango) and I (Alpha Delta) (yes, I realize my phonetic alphabet code name sounds like a sorority) started scheming….and we decided to plan a surprise party for Josh (Juliet Delta). It all came together rather quickly through a series of top secret emails.

The plan: E-vite our dear Forks friends to a gathering at the Wild Hog to surprise Josh and wish him well on his deployment

What we told Josh: That the only day Patrick would be able to see him before he deployed would be June 8 (truth) and that we would get dinner with him at 6 at the Wild Hog (truth). And since it was the only time we’d get to see Patrick before Josh left, I convinced Josh that we shouldn’t invite anyone else (mwahaha).

Josh was so surprised!

We all made merry, wrote Josh bon voyage notes and enjoyed one another’s company.

A few pics.


Christine's fabulous banner
Christine’s fabulous banner “We’ll miss you Josh!”
guest of honor chatting it up.
guest of honor chatting it up.


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