Yesterday was Oregon’s 154th birthday, and we had a marionberry good time! While state pride certainly plays into celebrating Oregon’s inception, it’s also because of the people I love who still live there. And since Oregon’s birthday shares the day with Valentine’s day, it seemed appropriate to remember those I love who are far away in my home state.

To show our love, I covered the wall with photos of Oregon.  We filled our mason jars with Oregon beer, wine and chai tea. We snacked on crackers topped with Oregon jam and Tillamook cheese. We played Wits and Wagers with Oregon trivia questions.Twas a lovely, lovely evening.

To all those who were in attendance, thank you for putting up with my excessive love for my home state. It brings me joy to share my love of Oregon with others!

To all my loved ones out west – you are missed. While I am certainly happy following my husband around the world, it doesn’t take away the longing I feel for home and easy conversation. There’s a part of my heart that is always turned to the west in love of you.


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