A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes….

Alright. So. Although deployment has been a whirlwind of emotions and various struggles, the Lord has blessed me with some awesome opportunities.

**DISCLAIMER – – – Friends from Oregon, please do not shun me for what I am about to tell you!**

My family was in Sunriver for a little family vay-cay, and guess who showed up?

Me! I surprised them all. Mom was in on the scheme. But first I surprised Brittnie at the airport. She thought she was going with my mom to pick-up a friend from work….and then I walked right up to her car window. Britt stared at me with a blank expression literally for like 10 seconds it felt like. But then she finally processed what was happening and we had an awesome cry/hug fest.

We proceeded on to Sunriver….we had all sorts of plans on how to surprise the rest of the fam, but this is how it ended up playing out. Nana, Aunt CC and my little cousin Rochelle were outside the house waving and standing in the street. So I, donning a sash and wearing a wand, stood up out of the sunroof and sang “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” Later they told me that they thought I was my mom (from a distance) and that Brittnie was driving…but as we got closer, they realized it was me. They all stopped waving the arms and their mouths dropped. It was too perfect! Then Nana ran inside to get my Poppy. Nana said “Schatz, Schatz! Come here! come outside! look!” My Nana gets excited about all sorts of things, so Poppy thought it was a deer or something. But he came out and I was there and it was a just a perfect moment.

The rest of the trip was great and super special. I’ll let the pictures and captions tell you the rest.

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