He is Risen! Alleluia!

Ashlie, we’re into the 2nd week of Easter already. Get with the Liturgical Times.

In between addressing wedding envelopes for a dear friend and bake sales for third graders and making tator tots for my lonely self while Josh is out of town (I make myself sound a lot more miserable than I am. Don’t fret. I’m ok!)….I haven’t mustered up the time or energy to write a post that I felt was worth my readers’ time.

But I can only procrastinate so long before my people start begging for me to write again. And by people, I mean one person. And by one person, I mean the lovely Kait Radigan. Who will love me despite my lack-luster posts dusted with tardiness. So here goes.

Josh is in Ohio for two weeks and then New Jersey for a week. We’re one week down, two to go. In Ohio he is taking a class on pavement, and in NJ he’s doing some pre-deployment training. Of course, I haven’t complained a bit (not) about how he has to go away for three weeks shortly before he deploys for 6 months starting in June. Nonetheless, the good Lord has been faithful and gives us the grace to get things in order for June and to fall even more in love in the midst of the pre-deployment madness.

So that’s what we’re up to right now.

Here are some pictures from Easter!

4 thoughts on “He is Risen! Alleluia!

  1. Lol. I could live without the shoutouts. Makes me feel like a stalker. Why I really commented.. ERHHHMEERRRGEERRDNESSS your haiiiirrrr so pretty and yo dress.. where you be gettin dat?
    PS: didn’t know about hesh. Sad daaaayyys. I call him. say go herrrrmmm jerrrshhh. gerrrhh herrrm.

  2. He is risen!

    Was a young girl in the front row making bunny hands in several of the photos…?

    And you were rocking the curls.

    1. Yes. She was. I think she smiled for one and then insisted on bunny poses for the rest. In light of Easter? Expressing joy over her recent Baptism? Deep love for woodland creatures?

      The world may never know.

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