The day after Josh returned we left for Lake Bemidji, which is about 2 hours away in Minnesota. My lovely co-worker, Jackie, and her husband own a cabin there and graciously let us go there for some R&R. I’m thankful we did. Although I was nervous that we would over extend ourselves by packing up and leaving, it was just what we needed. It allowed us to get away from our post-deployment to-do list and focus on being together again. I actually caught a pretty bad cold, so I was able to rest and recover quickly and Josh had the freedom to get some much needed rest after an intense 6 months and long journey home.

The temperature was mild when we got there on Friday night (35 degrees) but dropped to below zero for the rest of the weekend. AKA a great excuse to sit inside by the fire and take lots of naps AKA human hibernation. And for a long weekend, that was just fine with me. We went to the grocery store so we made most of our meals at home, but we did go to a yummy little Italian place one night so that we wouldn’t get cabin fever. We had a great time!

Thank you, Jackie and Grant, for your generosity and blessing us with a weekend away!

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