More A-Bay

As promised, the larger selection of photos provided by Dan and Janie! Unfortunately neither of us managed to snag a picture of the Amish teens on a group date. They all would travel together, but would pair off in twos and sit and talk. When one couple would get up to leave, eventually they all followed suit. Clearly I just really loved that moment cause I keep bringing it up. Fixations with Dilly Beans and Amish folks, what can I say.

Alright, now for the more interesting portion of my presentation – the photos!

4 thoughts on “More A-Bay

  1. a few things…

    1. you look absolutely gorge here (amongst your many other wonderful qualities, namely brains, kindness, and wittiness).
    2. the mae song!!! my heart stopped a little.
    3. i actually snorted out loud when i read the sammy babe cried every time you looked at him.

    you just don’t find a humor soulmate every day, choo know?

    1. 1. Thank you my dear.
      2. I instantly thought of you when I heard that was their song! And whilst they danced, I enjoyed fond memories of riding along in the blue car and listening to that song.
      3. Seriously. He got out of the car and I barely touched his face and it sent him into hysterics.
      and it was downhill from there.


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