Quiet Moments

There’s something about the quiet of a morning. In our current apartment, we have a large window with a tree just outside our bedroom. When I asked Josh the top 5 things he misses about home, this tree made his list. We’re on the third floor, but the tree is still taller than our building. Each day we wake our sleepy eyes, and witness the slow, daily transition of this tree through the seasons. It helps us know the weather for the day, if it’s windy, if there is snow. On a sunny morning, you can see the glowing red brick of the church nestled behind the branches. There’s something about this view that helps start the day in peace and appreciation of life.

This morning it was particularly quiet, and I was acutely aware of missing Josh’s presence. You’d think I’d notice it every day…and I do. but this morning as I looked at our tree, I could just feel his absence more. Yet, at the same time, in spirit we are so connected, we’re one. and so I knew he was with me. It’s a strange feeling to be thousands of miles apart, and yet completely together. It’s sad and comforting at the same time.


This morning I cherished this quiet view knowing that we won’t always live in this place, this apartment we love. I won’t always have this beautiful tree just outside my window. Josh won’t always be gone – he will come home someday and we’ll get to enjoy these things together. Our mornings won’t always be peacefully quiet when little ones join us on our adventure, and that’s ok.  Just as our tree shows us, change is good. Different seasons…our lives are made up of many seasons, and as hard as this season of deployment may be, it will change. We’ll see the sun.

7 thoughts on “Quiet Moments

  1. A beautiful reflection. You are right, the season will change. Knowing this doesn’t make the current season any easier, but it does remind us that life is not static.

    Prayers for you as you miss Josh and sit in the quiet.

    1. thank you my, dear friend. Thank you for your prayers and love and support throughout these years. We need our sisters in the good and bad – and you have truly been there throughout the seasons. xo

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