Last Winter. In ND. I’m ok with that.

Over the course of the last weeks, I look out my window each morning and toss up a little “Thank you, praise the Lord. No snow on the ground.”

Then last night I was woken up by a snow plow.

at 2:15.

in the a.m.

Although it wasn’t a ton of snow, I know we likely won’t be seeing it melt like we did a few weeks ago. Because it’s 10 degrees outside. 10. This is now my 3rd North Dakota winter and it never ceases to amaze me. I also never fail to forget that I need to wear my gloves when I leave my apartment. Not just for comfort…but because of frostbite. Ok, it needs to be a bit colder to get frostbite, but we’re close.

If any boss people from the Air Force read this – Hawaii or Arizona would be acceptable placements in our future. Thank you.

But the good thing is this: now that there’s snow on the ground, it makes it feel very real that Josh will be home soon. We are finally in the season of his return. (well snow lasts until april here, but whatever).

And we finally have a date of return! 🙂 So…

targetraise the roof.

4 thoughts on “Last Winter. In ND. I’m ok with that.

  1. Yes!!! Future placement in Arizona! Let’s make it happen. Also, super exciting you have a date of return. So freakin’ excited!!!!! Prayers for you and Josh. Love you!


  2. How wonderful!!! Praise! Also, sending much sympathy. It was 20 degrees last night, and I thought that was biting. When will you know where you are going next? xxx

    1. Well, the AF is sending josh to grad school so we will for sure be in either Colorado, Penn, or Indiana…so no sunshine states for us, haha

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