4 Months Down

September was hard, but thankfully October went by with surprising quickness. I’m sure my trip to Orlando helped, as did Josh’s two weekend morale trips to nearby by cities. Josh also ran a half marathon, which is exciting!

So what does the 4 month mark bring? One thing that I finally feel I have a handle on is grocery shopping and cooking for one. Honestly, this week is the first week I realized I do not need to make as much coffee. I know it sounds silly, but I was still in the habit of making 4-5 cups worth instead of about 2. After 4 months of pouring half of it out, I’ve finally noticed.

I really enjoy cooking, but for the first month after Josh left it was exhausting to think about making dinner. I found myself trying to make quick and easy meals and just get meal time over with. We love having breakfast and dinner together, so those were times that I really missed him. However, I soon realized that my body was not very thankful for the way I was eating…not that it was extremely unhealthy foods (like tots, my fave), it just wasn’t regular, complete meals. Anyways, I got back into the habit of making a meal plan and grocery list, and each week made adjustments for how much food I could realistically get through in a week. I realized I did not need to cook every night like I do when Josh is home. In fact, my leftovers could usually stretch two days, depending on what I made. I’m a person that can eat the same thing for a few days (if it’s a food I like) and not get sick of it, so I have that playing in my favor.

Month 4 also marks the completion of my first crochet project! I made a scarf. I started over 3 times. It’s still a little bit twisty (too tight/uneven stitches) and one of the ends is a little wonky. But I’m happy to have it finished in time for this freezing weather (got down to 18 last night) and to start a new project. I’m thinking this one and then this one . We’ll see! I may need a little more coaching from Mrs. Molly May!

There she be - the scarf.
There she be – the scarf.

We are most certainly on the downhill. We’ve already done double the time that we have left. (we still don’t have a date for homecoming, but we’re hoping to have a time frame soon). I am so thankful for my husband – such a good, patient, and loving man. We dated long distance for like 4 1/2 years or so back in the day, so we used to rack up the phone minutes pretty quickly…and the other day we talked for about 2 1/2 hours on the phone! It’d been a long time since we’d had a phone record like that 🙂 Took us back to the (pretty tough) good ol’ days. Although I’m glad this time of separation will soon come to an end, I’m truly thankful for the deep appreciation and longing that deployment has given me for my husband. Just when I think marriage can’t get any better, God blesses us more and draws us deeper into love, mercy and understanding. It’s not easy, and these next few months may bring rough waters… but we’ll hold tight.  Love you, J.

See more of my deployment playlist here.


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