expect the unexpected: a blessed adventure

Let’s just say, I never thought that the University of North Dakota would be the name on my degree. Nor did I think that I would attend three different schools in three different states in 4 1/2 years. I always imagined that I would graduate on a warm afternoon in May, surrounded by the closest friends that I had made in my four years of college. But I graduated on a freezing (but sunny!) day in December, while sitting next to people that I just met for the first time that day. The only thing that really ended up being the same as I had expected was that I graduated during the year of 2012.

There are a few things that I’ve learned during college, but I think the most valuable is that life in Christ is a grand adventure. It’s never boring; He always has surprises, and brings about the unexpected. And I’ve learned that His way, no matter how difficult or upside down it may seem, is always the best way.

I made lots of friends throughout my college journey – from Siena, Emmanuel and UND. I had wonderful roommates who tolerated my only child tendencies, and loved me through some really difficult times. (Anna and Taylor, you’re really the best for putting up with me!). I got to live in one of the greatest American cities – Boston. I learned what it really meant to miss the people I love. I found a phenomenal faith community who loved me, helped me grow and lead me deeper into the heart of Christ. I met professors who genuinely cared for my mind, future and well-being. I got to be an RA and have the blessed chance to learn that sometimes people will just not like you or the way you do things, and that’s ok. I entered into the wildly beautiful life of engagement and marriage during my junior year of college.

My experience wasn’t a traditional one, but it was the one that God had in mind for me. It was what was best for me, and the good of my soul. I may not have had all my best friends sitting next to me on graduation day, but I carried them and all of my experiences with me in my heart. And in the crowd, I looked up to see my beloved cheering me on. My Poppy flew in as a surprise and came to the ceremony with my mom – I was stunned with joy. And my mother, father and sister (Katie) in-law were all there to support me. Even a few friends that we’ve made here in Grand Forks came to watch me make the walk across the stage.

It was beautiful. It was blessed.

4 thoughts on “expect the unexpected: a blessed adventure

  1. i love to hear about the lessons we are learning as we grow up (i still feel like i’m growing up…), and especially resonated with “he brings about the unexpected” and “sometimes people will just not like you or the way you do things, and that’s ok.” mm-hmm good!

    1. loved the pic of you snuggling poppy
    2. the dills with a giant fork = caption win
    3. the oregon flag as a graduation gift = josh #nailedit
    4. you were honored, indeed.

    love ye.

    1. Still growing up – indeed! Can you please re-send me your blog link, lovely? Because I want to read about your reflections as well!

  2. I want to frame every picture I see of you and Poppy. Maybe put in one of those inspirational posters with the black background and the CAPITIALIZED WORD. Perhaps JOY would be a good one..

    UH, WIN on the Gold Star University diploma. totes earned.

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