Guesses for our Little Pumpkin aka The Baby Dill Guessing Game!

The day is drawing near when we will finally meet our baby face to face – I can hardly believe it! At times pregnancy seems to fly by and at other times I feel that I’ve been pregnant forever.

Times it feels that pregnancy has flown by:

  • When I realize I still have not purchased/assembled X, Y and Z and the baby is due in 5 weeks!
  • When I have mini panic attacks about how I’m actually going to take care of a tiny human being!
  • Whenever I go into a store and I think “Oh my gosh, how am I going to maneuver doing these things with a child?” !
  • Birth.

Times it feels that pregnancy will last forever..and ever…and ever…

  • When I feel like I am on a Life Alert commercial because I’ve found myself in some sort of sitting position of which I cannot get out of easily/without assistance.

  • When I struggle to shave my legs.
  • When I have heart burn after everything I eat/can’t lay down if I have any food in my stomach
  • When I can’t wear 70% of my clothes
  • When I wake up every 2-4 hours and I am usually up for a while before falling asleep again (though I suppose this is training for the next however many years of my life.)

But whether or not it feels like pregnancy will go on forever…it will end for this little pumpkin, and soon. And despite all the uncertainties and moments of analysis paralysis, we are overjoyed that this little lady or gent will soon join the party.

In excitement and anticipation, my MIL, Liesl, and friends Katie and Sarah are throwing me a baby shower this Saturday! And doubly exciting – my mom is flying out! Since our loved ones are all over the country, it’s hard to get all my dearlings together for one gathering. So, in order to include far away friends and family we are playing a long distance guessing game! Any and all are welcome to play and I’d love for you to join in the fun! Many have already submitted their guesses for the baby. They guessed:

  • Boy or Girl
  • The date of birth
  • The time of Birth
  • The length
  • The weight
  • Guesses/suggestions for names

Here is the link to see all of the guesses for Baby Dill! If you would like to contribute your guesses as well, please leave them in a comment or email them to me. The more the merrier! The person who guesses the closest will win. If multiple people submitted the same guess, then all those names will go into a hat and the winner will be drawn. A small prize will be sent to the winner of each category.

Are you excited? Cause we’re excited!

7 thoughts on “Guesses for our Little Pumpkin aka The Baby Dill Guessing Game!

  1. Exciting times are coming soon. I predict a beautiful baby girl,like her Mommy. She will be born 11/10/14 and will weigh 5 lbs 11 oz and be 19 inches short. (petite) Her name may be Claire Marie .(my middle and confirmation name) Best wishes for a beautiful and healthy delivery. (don’t be afraid to ask for an invention since sliced bread) .

  2. Hi Ashlie! Well I did not get my postcard with my guesses out by the due date so thought I would just put them on here, Boy, Nov. 12, 1am, 20 inches, 6lb 11oz. Being a labor and delivery nurse I hear a lot of weird and crazy names but some of my favorite boy names that I have heard are Wyatt, Atlas and Owen. For a girl Olive or Amelia. Hope you are doing well, I am so excited for your new adventure….Motherhood!! The most amazing thing you will ever experience, enjoy it. Sending my love, Gina.

  3. I love reading your blog updates. Your gifs are great! So excited for you two to be parents. This little love is so lucky to have you both. I’m still going with BOY! November 10 6:20pm 7 lbs 4 oz 19.5″. Names… I like Andrew, Luke/Luca, Henry, Daniel

  4. I guess I neglected to put my name on my guesses, but you were right! Those are my guesses postmarked from seattle 🙂

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