Randoms From the Camera

So when I uploaded the pictures of the sun dogs, I realized there were a few things that I had not shared yet.

Josh and Jackie Gow’s wedding! The weather was particularly bad that day, and so we were unable to drive down for Mass in the afternoon. Later that evening we still made the trek down to Fargo for the reception…that was a SCARY drive from Grand Forks to Hillsboro. The rest of the drive wasn’t too bad. Anyways, once we got there it was a good time! The Bride and Groom were glowing. Jackie was her usual boisterous and larger-than-life self which is quite a treat. Josh and I enjoyed dressing up and gettin our groove on with our Grand Forks peeps!

Rando evening at home…

There’s also this video – my narration will tell you the story. But I warn you, it is nothing to get your hopes up about.

Maybe some of you wonder about my job. I don’t talk about it much on here , but here’s a little glimpse of what Wednesday night looks like for me:

That’s really it! Nothing crazy. Just living life. I haven’t been taking much time to reflect lately, but I want to make time and space to settle down and reflect on how the post-deployment transition has been… and overall reflections on our 2 1/2 years in North Dakota as we prepare to transition into the next chapter of our life come August. Josh has applied to Penn State and we are waiting to hear back within the next month or so – please keep his application in your prayers! After that we’ll be looking for housing out there and gearing up for moving. THAT feels unreal to say. Hope you had a most lovely Valentine’s Day! But more importantly…I hope you had the best time of your life raising your glass to the greatest state in the Union – Oregon. Happy Birthday, home state! You fly with your own wings!

2 thoughts on “Randoms From the Camera

  1. While the drive to Penn State can be a bit bland, I absolutely LOVED the town and surrounding area! What a cool place to potentially be placed! I’ll definitely keep you both in my prayers! xxx

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