It’s Official!

Last night Josh asked me to go down and check the mail for him to see if his Penn State letter arrived. I went down stairs (Josh had turf burns on one leg and a charlie horse in the other – both from ultimate frisbee) and, lo and behold, an envelope from Pennsylvania State sat within our mailbox. I just knew what the answer would be, but I went upstairs quickly and handed it to Josh and…..

They were pleased to inform him that he had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry the Architectural Engineering program! We can officially get our Nittany Lions pride on. Thanks for the prayers, everyone! Now we’re praying that Force Shaping (Air Force/military budget cuts) won’t prevent us from moving when the time comes.

So the housing hunt begins…Anyone ever go to Penn State or live in the State College area? Any recommendations for good areas/towns to live in? I’m looking for quiet and not next to Frat Row like our first Grand Forks apartment.

So proud of you, J!

they’re gonna hear josh roar louder than a lion cause he is a champion.

6 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. YAYYYYYYYYY! I will talk to everyone I know! You’re coming to PA! SO GREAT! We’ll find you a wonderful place to live!

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