Sew Fun.

As I mentioned a while back, Josh bought me a sewing machine and I took a couple lessons from a lady in town. Unfortunately, my instructor has been very sick lately, and so we’re unable to meet. But I’ve continued to dabble and experiment in the world of fabric, stitches and seam rippers!

I’ve made a few things – pillows for our couches, headbands, some stuffed animal owls, and last night I made my second maxi skirt. The first one will not be featured. I was following a tutorial from pinterest, and let’s just say that when I put the skirt on it made me look like I was wearing a saggy diaper. I did manage to fix it… but because I had to remove so much material, it fits a little tighter than I would like. Anyways, the second attempt turned out pretty good! And, as a beginner, I’m pleased with the result.

Here are some pics. I hope you don’t mind blurry selfies, because that’s what you’re gonna get. You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Sew Fun.

  1. sassy yet casual: a memoir by ashlie dill.

    i’ll never forget a friend from college taking in a velour pantsuit and commenting, “sometimes, a person can coordinate TOO well.” TOO MATCHY_MATCHY? OH WELL.

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