You Know You’re in Oregon When…

Ok, so maybe I should say I know I’m in Oregon when….or I know I’m Home When… Regardless, here’s a glimpse at my trip to Oregon.

I know I’m in Oregon when…

1) there are deer in my front yard…and I live in town.

2) my little cousin Rochelle dresses up, and asks me if I want to go to “Snowy Mountain.”

3) Mom and I are crafting cards and party decorations.

4) Mom is in the kitchen, baking all morning.

5) our fish, Apollo, has seasonal depression.

6) I get to go to Saint Paul’s to celebrate the Sacraments.

7) strangers (a.k.a Alex’s boyfriend, Cory, whom I had never met) feel comfortable joining the party.

8) bike riding is the preferred mode of transportation.

9) I’m eating tacos at La Perla. Magic.

10) it’s raining the entire week.

11) I get to hang out with high school friends…and meet babies!!

Kate and Harlan

12) I find my old posters and wedding decorations in my cousins’ rooms.

13) students get out of school for half an inch of snow.

14) I visit Megan at Visions and get sweet bangs.

15) I watch GH at Nana’s whilst drinking “Nana’s Coffee”

17) my old teddy bear Joshua Ian (made at Build-a-Bear by Josh) is in my room. Wedding corsage included.

18) a penny gets you twelve minutes on a parking meter  (I think that’s unique to Silverton).

19) My heart feels full and happy because I’m with my family. Though I do wish Josh could have come with me!

20) I blow kisses to Oregon as I’m heading into the airport.

And in case you feel like you don’t know enough about Oregon yet, here are some videos from Portlandia – lovingly poking fun at the Oregonian stereotype.

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