Oregon Trail

Hey all,

I am heading off to Oregon (aka best state in the union) for the next week, so I will not be tweeting/blogging/surfing/whatever else I do online, because I have decided to not bring my laptop. I already feel the liberation of this decision! I’m thrilled to spend time with my family, and make the most of my week in good, old Silverton. I’m having a sleepover with my two little cousins (ok Brittnie is 17…she’s not so little, but Rochelle is 6). I also get to hang out with Kate and meet her new baby, Harlan! I can’t wait to do my (not-so) secret handshake with Kelsi. Share a cup o’ tea with Kaitlin Radigan. Watch General Hospital with Nana and drink coffee…and see wherever else the good Lord takes me. But wherever He takes me, hopefully it’s within walking distance, since I will not have a car. Ha! This is great.

Please send up some prayers for my Nana and Poppy as they get their marriage blessed in the Church this Saturday (woohoo!).

May the love of Jesus and Mary be with you all your days.


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