Quick Takes

1. If you love weather watching like my Nana, you probably already know this. On Sunday, ND is predicted to get 7-14 inches more of snow. I’m really hoping it doesn’t fall here, because I really am on the edge of losing my mind over this weather. I know this isn’t “normal” weather, even for ND, but I just don’t understand how humans ever settled here. Before electricity and indoor plumbing.

2. 8 more days until Josh comes home.

3. Having a night with the girls tonight – Amanda and Christine. Wine, snacks and a comedic movie/tv show yet to be determined.

4. 3 sessions of Wednesday night Religious Education. 1 more third grade retreat. 1 Confirmation/First Eucharist rehearsal. 1 Confirmation/First Eucharist Mass and reception and then my “summer” begins!!!!

5. Starting to get more details in place for our vacation out east. These details do include stopping in Springfield, MA to visit Kait Rad on the way to Boston. (yes, my dear, you get another shout out. and a picture.)

Senior Year - ASB - no, we're not looking at anything in particular.
Kait & I – ASB – no, we’re not looking at anything in particular.

6. We had a 3rd grade bake sale last weekend. I forgot to set out an entire grocery bag full of ziploc bags of puppy chow (chex covered in peanut butter and powdered sugar). I have discovered that I am powerless against the chow. I also discovered that you should NOT give a classroom full of 9th graders ziploc bags of puppy chow before you want to teach them anything.

7. Read any good books lately?

4 thoughts on “Quick Takes

  1. 1. my eye twitches at the thought of cabin fever for MONTHS. come back to the land of rain, where major cities are paralyzed by 1/4-1/2 inches of dusting on the ground.
    2. perfect. just perfect.
    6. puppy chow produces addiction-like behavior in most human beings. i wish i could eat carrots in the same way, but they lack the powered sugar.
    7. flight behavior by barbara kingsolver + wild by cheryl strayed.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations! I will check them out and perchance add them to my summer reading list 🙂

      also, what I would give for a winter of rain rather than snow… #desperate #getmeoutofthenorthernplains

  2. Sweet Poopsie-Wana,
    i certainly wish we had you, here in greatnorthwestrainalotbuthappy. You be happy to, knowing GOD LOVES You, and your Josh will be home with you soon….


    Got the Song of Bernadette at a used book store dis weekend. ES SO GUUUDDD SOO FAR.
    ❤ the picture for hesh coming home.

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