Awkward & Awesome Thursday: August 30th Edition

Alright, I’ve been slacking major on my a&a posts these last two weeks. AKA they were non-existent. Additionally, I have not done a thorough job of noting awkward interactions over the past 14 days. But I will share some awesomes with you.

1. It was my Nana and Poppy’s Anniversary yesterday! Happy Anniversary N+P!

2. Two weekends ago Josh participated in a YoungLife relay triathlon with some friends from the base. It was a really great weekend in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and Josh averaged 7:08 per mile (6 miles), which was really good! Click on the photo to the right to see some photo highlights from the weekend.

“Aren’t you going to take a picture of me doing this?” (making frosting)

3. I turned 22 and had an awesome birthday. Josh made dinner and homemade cupcakes that were way superior to the ones that I attempted to make (in taste and appearance). I also got a sewing machine. Holler. I will have my first sewing class next week! That should probably provide some awkwards for the future.

4. My mom officially booked her ticket to visit for a week over Thanksgiving!

5. I talked to both Sarah J and Alex Nanneman last night – both conversation were extremely overdue, and marvelous.

7. Kait ordered our Bridesmaid dresses and they are ADORBS. Here we come, West Virginia!

8. These beautiful flowers that I got at the (tiny) Saturday market here in Grand Forks.

9. Going to the TWIN CITIES to see some of my bestes this weekend! YOMO. Stillwater. State Fair. Mall of America. Bring. It. On.


Ok, ok, I do have an Awkward:

The onesy that my mother and my cousin Brittnie got me for my birthday. “The Moose Caboose”

5 thoughts on “Awkward & Awesome Thursday: August 30th Edition

  1. Josh looked like the CHAMPIONhe is, running across the finish line! And also making the frosting for your Birthday cupcakes..And as for you, you always look your very best, in your “MOOSES CABOOSES…
    Love ya both,

  2. Yay for sewing! I hope you have fun learning on your new machine. Hopefully I can make time for that in the not too distant future. I don’t think it will happen unless I actually make time 🙂

    Also, you’re only 22? I can’t believe you are younger than me by more than a year! I always seem to be the youngest in my groups of friends. Apparently not this time though!

  3. my sister sent me one of those onesys for Christmas the other year- everyone thinks they are so fashionable! Good luck with the sewing- can’t wait to hear what fun things you make! My mom just sent me a sewing kit so after 6 months in malawi I will make curtains to take the place of the bedsheets which I am currently using.

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