Awkward & Awesome Thursday

It was brought to my attention by Becca Barclay that there is a day called “Awkward and Awesome Thursday.” Started over at The DayBook, it’s essentially a post highlighting both the awkward and awesome moments that happened to you during the week.


When I was home alone, and I burnt my hand while making my husband a delicious meal. The burn wasn’t awkward, but when I started to scream silently and flail my arms around, it got awkward.

When a certain person continues to tell me the same story (yesterday, I think it was the 8th time). And each time it still doesn’t make sense. And I’m so confused. And I just nod and kind of smile trying to strike an expression of amused.

Cooking Spaghetti Squash for the first time.

When a semi-accquiantance in another state asks if their girlfriend can stay at your apartment. After saying yes, the person follows up with a text that says “Do you have any cats or large dogs?” After replying no, the girlfriend decides to stay elsewhere. Fair enough.

When I tell someone to text me their number and I accidentally make excessive fake typing gestures with my thumbs.


Finally feeling like I’m accomplishing stuff at work.

Re-watching episodes of The Office season 3.

Talking to Elise about her Theology of the Body lesson

Day Dreaming about our YOMO (You Only Minneapolis Once) (aka meeting up with Elise, Katie and Sarah in the Cities)

Josh being the best husband ever when I had a cry fest last night about missing family.


4 thoughts on “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

      1. Isn’t it great? I didn’t realize at first that the balloons “float” when you scroll, and I just love it!

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