a&a – round two


My habit of over-sharing stories from my life that don’t make sense to people who were not there. I was having a pretty serious attack of this habit last night. Sorry to all my victims.

Being in a room with two people who have very distinct personalities who are having an argument and not being able to escape.

When we (Dills + Air Force friends) were camping on someone’s lake property who had very opposite political views from us, and after a few beers, she wanted to talk about said views. Trying to be polite since we were guests, we all kind of just nodded and smiled as she continued to talk about various democratic conventions, praise the current President, and rave about the local democratic politician running for senator…and then she wanted to know what we believed. And we’re all like: Ummmmmm, we all voted for Ron Paul. *insert awkward and lengthy silence*

My domestic disaster this morning. Usually my cupcakes are delish, but the new recipe I tried this morning….they came out of the oven in the form of boiling and concave. They looked kind of like the picture to the left, but worse and more embarrassing. Trying to embrace the awkward disappointment.

When Josh and I went golfing and I decided to golf barefoot (not exactly golf course etiquette). I put my flip flops in the golf bag, but somewhere on the 7th hole, one fell out. We had to walk back down to the beginning of the hole (scouring the grass as we went) and then a lady in a golf cart had my shoe. Which was nice. But I appeared rather eccentric/space cadet-y. Which isn’t entirely inaccurate. So again. Trying to embrace.

Yesterday I was walking back to the office and from a distance I thought I saw a young boy sneaking into the Sacristy’s side entrance, but I couldn’t quite tell if this person was a young boy or an old woman.

Awkward story continued. the “old woman” was actually a young boy who had  a mischievous companion in tow. As I put on my best adult voice (awk) I asked them, “are you looking for something?” And then as they were running away and stuttering they yelled back to me “I um I’m looking for my grandpa!” I almost kind of wanted to believe them, but then an elderly couple comes out of the church and tells me the two kids had just been racing down the aisle in a wheelchair.


Today is my birthday! I am 22 years young!

Josh won a poker game at a guy’s night yesterday, which more than covered the pedicure I got last night. So win-win.

As mentioned, Josh and I went golfing at the base on Monday after work. It’s free on Mondays. So it was great to get outside and hang out with Josh and it was free.

Josh is making dinner tonight!

Going to take off early from work, I just decided.

Probs gonna see Becca this weekend.

We are officially getting our YOMO plans hammered out. CAN’T WAIT.

Living the dream.

6 thoughts on “a&a – round two

  1. Happy belated birthday Ashlie! I hope you had a wonderful day. Glad to hear you are doing well, keep laughing at the little things and loving the good ones ❤

  2. definitely need to hop on this a&a train. my fave is picturing you trotting across the greens in your bare tootsies.

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