One Year and a New Car

I know, I know. Many of you are wishing that the title was “One Year and a Baby on the Way” (ah hem, Katie Krouchick, Sarah Doyle, Elise Kulik) but we did get a new car! And that’s exciting. Not nearly as exciting or loveable as a baby. But still exciting, right? This new (used) little gem is a 2007 subaru outback. We’re lovin it. Just trying to convince Josh to get a kayak to put on top of it now…

First, we started celebrating our anniversary by attending a Theology of the Body conference with Christopher West in the Crookston Diocese. Actually, we went to it because of my job and Josh is the TOB Catechist for the 9th graders next year. Nonetheless, still a great way to reflect on our marriage.

Joshua “Vlasic” Dill

But our actual anniversary fell on a Monday. It kind of snuck up on us really. After Josh got home, we just hit the ground running…so we didn’t make any major plans. But we did have a lovely dinner at the Toasted Frog. Part of this meal included Fried Cheesy Dill Pickles – appropriate, no? Anyhow, the meal was yummy, and the company was excellent.

And here is our official 1st Anniversary picture. We hope to take a picture each year holding the anniversary picture from the previous year. So next year will we hold this picture of us holding our wedding picture. A few years down the road, this should look pretty neat.

 While I would like to post some reflections from this last year, I need more time do so. For now, all I have to say is that I love Joshua more each day and by God’s grace I will continue to learn to love him better. Here’s to many more years of joy, trials, laughter, and new adventures. I love you, J.

8 thoughts on “One Year and a New Car

  1. That’s so awesome that you did the picture idea! I’m so glad you thought of that in time to start doing it! However, who am I kidding, you’re the creativity queen! I’m sure you thought of the idea first 😉

    Happy Anniversary! Love you both!

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