Beautiful Afternoon

January 27: Last night it snowed a few inches here in Grand Forks. When I first peered out the window this morning, fog still clinging to the glass, I did not expect the sun to come out. I’m glad I was wrong, because it turned out to be a lovely day of about 30 degrees. (Never thought I would think 30 degrees to be warm!) Tired of spending my life in front of a computer and sitting on my bum, (a.k.a. the life of an English Literature major) I text my dear friend Becca and asked if she’d enjoy a stroll…

An enthusiastic yes came back. With our Mystic Monk coffee in hand, we set out on our adventure through the snowy landscape at Lincoln Park. It surprised me how many trees there were… the sight was truly captivating. Bare branches against the blue sky, golden sun slowly sinking and untouched snow all around. Good conversation. Our bodies fluctuated from sweating to freezing and back again. We were often out of breath. Noses running. Two hours of joy. And pain.

It was good for my soul.

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