Second Semester and Such

Hello, all.

It’s been quite awhile since I posted a normal update…something that doesn’t include soap operas or something about the new Mass translation. Anyways, here’s a quick run down of January.

January 1st: We flew home from visiting the Dill/Hammer family in New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey (yes lots of the new states). We also had the opportunity to go to Springfield to visit Joe, Theresa and the Lingenfelter family. Annnd we went to Boston to visit Mother Olga and go went out for dinner and drinks at Green Briar in Brighton with Mike, Katie and Kev. Overall, the trip went very well. For New Years Eve we were in the great town of Holmdel, NJ with the extended Hammer family, which was a BLAST. It was really wonderful to spend time with family. On our way in and out of the cities  for our flights, (THE cities = Minneapolis and Saint Paul for all you not living in the Northern Plains) we were able to stay with Karl and Rene Hendrickson, which was inspiring and marvelous.

January 2nd-9th: on the 2nd, happy birthday to my MiL, Liesl! Josh went back to work and I had a bit of time off before school started again. It was nice to have some down time before I started taking 19 credits. I don’t think I wrote a blog about this, but my mom came for a visit shortly before Christmas, and that was so great to have her here. We spent much time baking, hanging out, reading and just enjoying each others’ company. The week flew by so fast; I couldn’t believe it! But when I came back from NY, I had to catch up on all the chores I didn’t do when mom was here and while we were gone. So I am very thankful that I had time to tend to cleaning, organizing and preparing!

9th-15th: First week of school went well, but I’m already in deep with the course work. I had 5 short essays due within the first 10 days of class and TONS of reading – manageable, but stressful; however, I am really loving the professors I have, and the classes are interesting – MUCH better than last semester. Josh also started his courses in project programming and HVAC Analysis. Currently, he is doing homework for his HVAC course and keeps muttering about how much he loves thermodynamics – so I think that means he is enjoying what he studies 🙂

We went to an Air Force retirement party, enjoyed time with friends out on base and in town, and started attending Saint Michael’s young adult group. We’re watching the Catholicism documentaries, and it is fantastic. Check it out.

My Nana turned 63. Happy birthday, Nana!

15th-21st: Mostly doing work, studying and spending time with Josh. But we’re so blessed to have good friends to hang out with as well – Miles Ryan, Ashley Anderson, Becca Barclay, Nick and Leah (almost) Reynolds, Phil Zubrod, Kristie Unterseher, and Megan Ritteman – you’re fantastic. Thanks for your friendship and the joy you bring to our lives!

Mom, Happy Birthday on the 23rd! You’re a baller. And wonderful. Magical. Fantastic. Beautiful.

Perhaps you can see that I am tired, and I should probably retire for the evening. I think I will do that now. Also, I realize I still have not posted pictures of our furnished apartment – I shall do so soon. It just seems every time I want to, I either don’t have enough time or one of the rooms is a bit messy. Or my camera battery is dead. C’est la vie!

Time for bed. Much love to all of you. As always, keep in touch and God bless you.

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