My Favorite Little Blue Nun

I’m working on a project for my Editing and Publishing class. We have to write a book. Daunting, I know. A semester is hardly enough time to get a good first draft of a book…

I began my book project with an idea I called Meetings and Partings, but it transformed. As I was writing, I couldn’t get a woman in a blue habit out of my mind. It became about Sister Olga – or, as I should get used to calling her now – Mother Olga. It’s a compilation of personal moments with her and her life story. I hope someday this can be more than just a project for class, if it is God’s will. So I’ve been brushing up on my Mother Olga stories and I came across a link from the 2010 Boston Catholic Women’s Conference. It’s an hour long, but it’s worth every moment.

On December 9th, Mother Olga will take her vows as she officially begins her new order, The Daughters of Mary of Nazareth. Thanks to Katie Krouchick and my husband, I will be attending her vows in Boston. My heart is so full, and I can hardly believe that I will be able to witness such an event – a monumental moment in both Church and Boston history! I am so unworthy to know Mother Olga, to have had the opportunity to learn under her guidance and love. I often ask our Lord, “Why me?” Why have I be given this incredible experience? I am undeserving of such a gift. I am, I really am. But as a wise friend has taught me, we are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others.

Lord, I thank you, I praise you for all the gifts you have given to me, though I am unworthy. Lord, I can only be a blessing to others with the help of your grace; please help me, Jesus. Mother Mary help me to stay close to your Son, that I may never lose sight of Him and never forget His love and Sacrifice. 

Jesus, I thank you for your beautiful daughter, Mother Olga. Bless her obedience, bless the new order. May her faith, trust, love, hope and joy be renewed in You as she prepares for her vows. Lord, send your Holy Spirit upon her! May she be totally consumed by Your love. Be her joy in difficult times, and send Your Mother to counsel her.

I pray for many vocations to the religious life and in particular the Daughters of Mary. Prepare the hearts of the women You call to the religious life – that they will be open and ready to receive You as the Spouse of their soul. May they grow in love and zeal for You through the power of your Holy Spirit and the graces of the Sacraments. Help them as they dedicate their lives to serving Your people.

Saint Therese, pray for us. Saint Joseph, pray for us. Mary, beautiful Mother, pray for us.


The weekend I first met Sister Olga…

Halloween 2010 🙂

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