Josh’s Birthday & Other Fun

Yesterday was Josh’s 23rd birthday! Although we had cake, presents, decorations and went out with some friends Josh said to me, “It doesn’t feel like it’s my birthday today.” I asked him, “Is that because you’re a grown up?” It’s funny cause it’s true! Birthdays are so different when you’re an adult. They’re fun, but it’s not the same. I remember, back in the day, flipping through party magazines trying to decide what theme I wanted my birthday party to be. The best one was probably my lady bug party…don’t even knock it. It was totally legit. The Hawaiian theme was classic, too. A pinata was a staple (probably until my 18th birthday). I never had birthday slumber parties, but I LOVED going to them. Only now am I starting to understand how much energy and time parents have to put into hosting those. Alex Nanneman and I were talking about this recently and all we have to say is, GOD BLESS YOU TONI AND MARTY NANNEMAN. Not only did you put up with us staying up into all hours of the night doing ridiculous things, but you got up in the morning and made us breakfast, even though you probably got less sleep then we did. We like to think you enjoyed doing this sort of thing because you love your daughter and her friends 🙂 If you didn’t….well, I’m sure that what goes around, comes around 🙂

The movers finally picked up our stuff to move it to North Dakota! They did that today. However, mom informed me that they had to repack alot of our stuff because, “you can’t have items that touch the skin packed with items that don’t touch the skin.” Okay, Hannibal Lecter? Seriously, who made that rule? Basically, you can’t pack clothes with other house items or books…anything you don’t wear.  And each shoe has to be wrapped individually. They probably were cursing me as they unpacked all our boxes and had to repack them. And all I have to say to that is, YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT I CANNOT PUT SKIN TOUCHING THINGS WITH NON-SKIN TOUCHING THINGS.

In the mean time, our friends Kristie and Jake let us borrow a table, chairs and a rocking chair so that we can sit somewhere besides the floor and that has been faaaabulous. And it made it feel alot more like home 🙂 But with some furniture in the living room, we are realizing just how small it really is! But it is cozy.

Anyways, just a little somethin somethin to update you on our lives! As always we miss you, please stay in touch 🙂 xoxox PS, one of the presents I got for Joshua was a travel coffee mug (he’s been wanting one for foreverrrr) and I put this picture on it…

One thought on “Josh’s Birthday & Other Fun

  1. Happy Birthday Josh! I don’t believe that either of you are grown ups…I don’t even know what that means. But I enjoyed the shout out and Ill be sure to pass it along to the folks. 🙂 Lots of Love!

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