A Couple Notes

So, remember the day our household goods were supposed to arrive? Well…the things from New York did. However, the Oregon stuff didn’t make it until about 8 days later. Apparently the moving company misplaced one of our boxes and had to track it down before they could continue with the move. All of our belongings, minus one box, were in Minot, ND and they couldn’t bring it to Grand Forks. So close yet so far away. Anyways, after much unneeded worry that I would never see my furniture ever again, it arrived a week ago! The unpacking felt very slow at first…with the boxes everywhere it was hard to get around our tiny apartment (affectionately known as The Annex). But, actually, we don’t have any boxes left now! We do have a few items to still find homes for, but other than that it’s shaping up quite nicely. We very much like it. If I’ve been out of touch with some of you, it’s likely because every free chance I have, I’m trying to finish up some project. Also, Josh and I officially switched to the Sienna Company for our phone service and I have not put many numbers in my new phone yet.

Also…Happy Advent to all of you! And happy New Translation of the Mass! Here in town they have been slowly implementing it for about two months, and that has been extremely helpful. I love that we now get to partake in a more accurate translation of the Latin, sharing the words of the Saints, of the early Church. However I’m still adjusting and I find myself saying, “And also with…your spirit.” Also, the chanting is difficult for a non-singer like myself, but it’s hauntingly beautiful and magnificently holy

I have been making Christmas ornaments from felt and ribbons and yesterday we also put together our Advent wreath. It’s surprising…with all the Catholics there are in Grand Forks there is not one single place that sells pink and purple Advent candles. So we improvised. I bought some small candles in glass containers and I wrapped them with sheer pink and purple ribbons. It turned out better than we expected!

On a completely different note…many of you know that I love blogs; I reference them all the time. I can’t help it! I love having the ability to catch glimpses of genius in writing, experience someone’s expertise on a certain topic, or just see how different other lives are from my own! It fascinates me. That being said, Friday before last I had the pleasure of meeting a woman, Becca, during a dinner party at her apartment. While washing dishes together, I discovered that she is a fellow literature lover AND a blogger. She also allowed me to borrow her copy of A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. (I’m in the midst of the 7th chapter and it’s so moving I don’t believe there was a page that a tear was not shed.) I began reading her blog, The Literary Project, about a week ago and I knew I had to share it with you all. It is insightful, well written, and over all fantastic.

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