Just Another Day in the Annex

It’s official folks! We have a bed! Woohoo! Or, I should say, we have a mattress. After venturing to Furniture row a couple weeks ago, we picked out the mattress and the bed frame we want. But we decided to hold off on the bed frame because, well, it wouldn’t fit into our apartment to be quite honest. As mentioned, our place is of the tiny variety. Anyways, so last Thursday Josh purchased the mattress, box spring and metal frame to hold us over until next year. Josh and Jake (a friend from the Newman Center) went and picked up the mattress, and successfully brought it up the winding stairs to what I like to call, “The Annex”. After they brought up the mattress, they attempted to carry the box spring upstairs…but since a box spring is not as bendable as a mattress, it would not fit. Therefore, we couldn’t use the metal frame, because it would fall right through without the box spring. We had no other choice but to put the mattress on the floor, box spring in the garage and return the metal frame. At least we saved $60 bucks on the frame? And at least we’re not sleeping in sleeping bags anymore? Yes. Later that day we went to Macy’s and bought a pretty quilt comforter. Pictures to come later. All in all, it’s a lovely little nest…but it’s a pain to make, being on the floor and all. As our friend Katie Anderson told us when she saw our apartment for the first time – “this apartment will make you grow in many virtues.” Hahaha, Amen.

Thanks to labor day yesterday, I had a four day weekend last weekend, and a three day week this week which is greeaaaaat. Next week I have a Spanish exam (pray for me) and I’m starting to work on my book project for my Editing and Publishing class. Pretty much we all have to create a book – it can be any kind of book. It’s a work in progress, but my work is inspired by a line from the Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Bob Cratchit, played by Kermit the Frog, says after Tiny Tim’s death, “Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it. I am sure that we shall never forget Tiny Tim, or this first parting that there was among us.” So essentially I am reflecting on and writing about significant meeting and parting moments from my own life. Each “chapter” will stand independently of the others, and it will focus on one person at a time. Basically, it’s a collection of short stories. I just got started on it this week, but I’m really excited. Maybe I’ll eventually post parts of it on here, after it undergoes some editing from my peers.

Josh pretty much plays basketball everyday, which he is loving. And right now I’m watching him sit in front of the filing box getting organized. Which he is also loving. He just sang a song about how much he loves it and how I no longer let him live in a pig sty like he did in Stuvi (sorry, Joe). Josh also often talks about how glad he is that he bought Quicken, which is a pretty cool tool to keep track of finances on your computer. Ask Josh. He’ll tell you more about it then I can. Here’s a picture. He doesn’t know I took it, hahah. You can see here part of the living room and the doors to our kitchen and bedroom/bathroom.

Time for bed. on my REAL BED. Mattress. It’s awesome. Miss yall.

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