Inspired By You

August 29

To set the stage, I’m sitting at home, alone in our furniture-less apartment. Ok, not totally furniture-less. We have one blue chair, a weird table (with a candle and place mats), an air mattress (courtesy of Kaitlin Radigan and her Madre) and sleeping bags. I’m leaning against one of the walls, laptop in lap. And I’m sobbing like a baby.

I finally got the chance to watch some wedding footage that my brother Dan sent me. It actually wasn’t Josh and I that made me cry, believe it or not, but seeing all the people I love leaving the church after the ceremony (Tyler Bellando, you were there?! And Sarah Kuenzi?! So awesome!). The wedding day was incredible, but it was a blur of hugs, meeting people and focusing on the Sacrament. All good things, but it was so wonderful to watch it from a perspective that, on that day, I couldn’t have. Also, I’ve been a bit homesick (for Oregon and Boston) and seeing everyone lifted my spirits – you all continue to bless me everyday and you don’t even know it! As I watched everyone leave the church and dip his or her hand into the Holy Water to make the Sign of the Cross, I felt the power of the Spirit stir deep within me, bringing me to tears. Our God is so good. Receive Him, live in Him and bring Him to others.

Click on the photo to view the video clips from Dan.

One thought on “Inspired By You

  1. Women have been given an extraordinary gift to reveal the Father’s beauty and compassion. There is not a woman I know who does this more than you.

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