A Childhood Dream Come True

There is a place in Grand Forks called Northern Air. I call it the Land of Dreams.

When I was younger, I loved trampolines. I was never allowed to have one because of the danger factor (squirt guns and playing outside while the neighbors were mowing the lawn were also no-nos). But my friends had trampolines, and I certainly advocated for jump time when at their houses (I promise I really was your friend – didn’t just love you for the trampolines!).  And I always thought it would be amazing to have a room made out of trampolines. I also wanted a room of just pillows. But I think the trampoline idea came first. I don’t know. Rooms full of things just appealed to me?

Northern air is basically a giant room of trampolines. Last night Angelique, our Music and Liturgy Coordinator, planned an altar server appreciation night at Northern Air. I chaperoned. Though a little nervous at first…I got my bounce on. When racing one 9-year old girl across the room of trampolines, I fell and got trampoline burn on the tops of my feet. #worthit. When one of the girls dragged me in trampoline/dodgeball game, I played…for about 2 seconds before I was out. When I tried to bounce off of the slanted trampoline walls and just fell backwards and the kids laughed at me #iroseagain.

seconds before the fall.
seconds before the fall. one of the mothers managed to capture this moment. super.

But eventually, I got the hang of bouncing from square to square without landing on those non-bouncy orange dividers.

Here’s proof:

like a bunny.
like a bunny.

Also, where’s all the kids go? I don’t know. I was in my own little dream world, gettin my hop on.

Thank you Northern Air. You made this 22 year old chaperone’s dreams come true night.

I think the other kids had fun, too.

4 thoughts on “A Childhood Dream Come True

  1. Hahahaha! Surprised you didn’t mention that you never got your life size barbie either! Loves =)

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