7 QTs

Linkin up with Jen, founder and master of the 7 Quick Takes.

1. Many people have been concerned that I would spend copious amounts of alone time with Josh gone, but it’s really been the opposite (not that I don’t miss him – I still miss you, j!). I’ve had something going on pretty much ever since he left – packing for Boston, spending a week in Boston with some of my best friends, coming back, getting adjusted back to work day schedule, catching up with grand forks friends, and then this week shaped up to be full of fun, too! Which I go over in my QTs.

2) Monday night consisted of putting together a care package for Josh with goodies he’s asked for (if you’re interested in sending him a package, let me know and I can let you know the kind of stuff he’s requested). That’s always fun – but I haven’t felt very creative, maybe because I’m just trying to fit in all the things he’s asked for, maybe because I’ve had a full schedule. I don’t know! But I’d love ideas for care packages if you have them 🙂

3) Tuesday was our anniversary which I’ve already posted about here and here and a little bit here (this one was josh’s anniversary present to me/us!)

4) Wednesday I met up with some Air Force people to wish farewell to another AF couple – Aj and Ashley – as they prepare for their big PCS (permanent change of station) to Germany! So exciting – it’s a very coveted assignment 🙂 And Ashley just got news that she got a job as a 2nd grade teacher on base. Congrats, Ashley!’

5) We had our annual parish picnic at University Park. It was so interesting to attend because last year the parish picnic was one of the very first things I went to after becoming DRE (director of religious education). Although throughout the year it felt like I was making little progress in building relationships (because I so often sit behind a desk during my work hours) I was happily surprised by how much more comfortable I was, because I really do know people – and that gives me joy. After all, my job really is about people, investing in them and having relationships…although at times it feels like I’m just organizing schedules and using high volumes of paper. So that was a moment of grace at the picnic!

6) Tonight I am babysitting my co-worker, Angelique’s, baby for a couple hours. Yay! Baby cuddle time. And then picking up Patrick Brooke from the airport.

7) Tomorrow I’ve organized a group to go canoeing through the outdoor rec. center at the base. Super pumped! Erin and I plan to do something like this

happy weekend!

One thought on “7 QTs

  1. dying, DYING, over the canoe clip. the gasp when he pops out of the water is #priceless. i don’t usually feel a deep need for television, but clearly i NEED to watch portlandia.

    also, smiling to read that relationships are forming for you right in the midst of all that paperwork and calendar scheduling at work. your gift at relating, listening, and laughing with people is so lovely to behold, even via creeping on the internet.

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