Foiled Again.

Josh has this new game that he likes to play. It’s called Call-Ashlie-At-Work-And-Pretend-I’m-Someone-Else-From-the-Parish.

At first I had no problem detecting my clever husband’s tricks. Either the voice was too ridiculous, the story unbelievable, or he would start laughing.

Until yesterday.

I answered the phone with my usual greeting, “Saint Michael’s, this is Ashlie” and I heard some really heavy breathing on the other end. Immediately my JoshAntics Radar went on and I proceeded to call him out for being a rat, and super lame and unable to fool his brilliant wife.

And then this mystery-heavy breather started asking for one of my co-workers, and then I legitimately thought that I was making fun of a parishioner with a breathing problem. I started tripping over myself with apologies and explaining the situation. It sounded something like this: uh….I am so sorry, I thought you were my husband and he likes to play these tricks on me by making up different voices and pretending he’s different people and I thought you were him and…my apologies, I don’t think Angelique is in the office right now but I can transfer you to her and you can leave a message I’m sorrrrryyyyyyy…

and then Josh starts cracking up.

and I wanted to cry, laugh, hide under my desk and throw my phone all the way to the airbase so that it would hit Josh in the head.

marital bliss.

About Ashliehttps://adillightfuladventure.wordpress.comAn adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered. - GK Chesterton

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