I Should Be Writing An Essay

But writing a blog post is so much more fun.

So, like I’ve said, I’m camping out at Becca’s for the duration of Josh’s training. Which is awesome for multiple reasons.

1. It’s normal to have gin and tonics at 10 PM on a Thursday with a friend. It’s concerning if you’re by yourself, in your apartment, missing your husband and drinking.

2. We get to read books out loud to each other. Which, again, is just weird if you’re by yourself. Previously we read Hallie Lord’s famous S.S.S. (as we like to call it), but now we’ve been dabbling in Tina Fey’s Bossypants. This has provided ample entertainment. However, the book has caused me to laugh out loud at inopportune moments during class (just from remembering sections of what we read). For example, when a girl wore short-shorts during a presentation, and her upper inner thigh fat was accentuated by said short shorts… Tina Fey calls this “crotch biscuits.” This of course is not to make fun of the girl. I mean we’ve all got the biscuits. It was just unfortunate that she chose that outfit hours after I read Bossypants. And unfortunate for me as a bit the inside of my lips to hold back my laughter.

3. Because Becca is so funny when she first wakes up in the morning. Also, you should check out her blog. Formally known as the Literary Project…it is now The Young Adult’s Guide to Taking Over the World: Oh Wait, I’m Catholic.

But here’s the catch….because I’m living at Becca’s, I take all of my groceries to her apartment. But I’m still at my apartment during the day to do homework and stuff. Which usually falls around lunch time. Which means I have to get creative.

Here’s a picture of my fridge.

Contents: Ranch chip dip, mayo, tortillas, hazelnut creamer, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, chicken stock, garlic, maraschino cherries, vlasic pickles, eggs (which I think are expired), parmesan cheese, and wrinkled blueberries.

I would take a picture of our pantry, but it’s just as pathetic, and I don’t want you to get sad for me.

Anyways, for the last three days, my lunches and breakfasts have been peanut butter and honey quesadillas and tea.

I didn’t hate it.

Alright, alright. I’ll stop procrastinating now.

2 thoughts on “I Should Be Writing An Essay

  1. Bossypants is so funny! I started reading my cousin’s copy on Christmas. I got through 65 pages then went the next day to Barnes and Noble in an attempt to buy a copy but they were sold out. Sad face. However, your post has reminded me that I hope to pick it up again one of these days. I’m glad you are experiencing its entertainment!

  2. SO…put on your space cadet helmet. I kept getting really confused while reading this because I thought it was a 7 quick takes…and I was thinking to myself, “Did she just not put the numbers in front of the paragraphs??…hmmm.” And so glad that you enjoy my mornings for me–you know that I’m not present. 🙂

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